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Top-5 Wireless Dog Fence Systems: Safe, Reliable, and Effective

Dog fanciers know that pooches living outdoors are happier and healthier than those locked within four walls or chained up in a kennel. At the same time, letting your dog walk anywhere it likes is not a good idea. One day, it can escape and get lost. If your house is close to a road, the canine can be run over by a car. Finally, it can run away and frighten or bite somebody, which can result in a fine for the owner.

Fortunately, there is a smart way to make a dog stay within the preset boundaries – a wireless dog fence. This is a special dog containment system that prevents your four-legged buddy from leaving the yard or another safe place. You’ll find a large variety of wireless dog fences on sale, but it is not always clear how to choose the best one. In this article, we’ll review five combined and wireless dog fences, single out their strong and weak points, and try to find the answers to the popular questions of dog owners. Keep on reading to know what invisible fence for dogs is best for your beloved canine.

The Best Overall: Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation 2019

Best Overall
Extreme Dog Fence
Extreme Dog Fence
Wireless Dog Fence with WaterProof Collar with 5 Correction Levels
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This is the latest development from the most recognized brand of the electric dog fences market. It is not wireless, so you need to spend some time on the preparatory works, but the final result is definitely worthy of it. It allows setting boundaries of any configuration on a vast territory of up to 10 acres! You may expand the coverage even further by purchasing additional wire. The system lets connect five collars simultaneously (extra collars are not included) and is packed with additional features for a higher safety and effectiveness. This electric fence for dogs is made in the USA and has a 1-year warranty for all electronic components.

Key features:

  • The coverage by default is 10 acres, but it can be further expanded.
  • 100% waterproof collar survives submerging to the depth up to 10 inches.
  • The batteries are not rechargeable, but, according to the customers’ reviews, they last very long.
  • There is a built-in surge protection feature that guarantees the dog’s safety during a thunderstorm.
  • It is intended for the pets with the body weight of 8 lbs. and more.
  • Five levels of correction give a possibility of subtle adjusting.

The Runner-Up:  SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

Runner Up
SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System
SportDOG In-Ground Fence System
In-Ground Fencing System With Lightning Protection and Up to 100 Acres Coverage
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In many reviews, electric dog fences from SportDOG rank second after the best-selling Extreme products. Our runner-up is the SportDOG electric dog fence system with three types of stimulation, which is currently promoted as Amazon’s choice. This is a wired system with the 1000-ft wire buried in the ground. By default, the total coverage of this invisible dog fence is 1 and 1/3 acres. The collar’s receiver is waterproof, which is important if a dog stays outdoors in a rainy weather. Like other in-ground systems, this electric dog fence allows connecting several collars simultaneously, but the collars themselves need to be bought separately. You may choose between a tone and vibration as a warning signal and use one of four correction levels depending on the dog’s weight, responsiveness, and temper.

Key features:

  • This dog containment system is intended for pets with the body weight of 10 lbs. and more.
  • The batteries are non-rechargeable, but last long and have a low-battery indicator.
  • The total coverage can be increased to the enormous 100 acres.
  • A built-in lightning protection feature makes the system safe for pets during a thunderstorm.
  • Four levels of correction are available plus the tone and vibration options.

The Best Budget Choice: Depps Wireless Dog Containment System

Best Budget Choice
Depps Wireless Dog Containment System
Depps Wireless Dog Containment System
Easy to use Affordable Rechargable Dog Fence Solution
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Depps is a discovery of the year 2018 in the market of wireless dog fences. This is an affordable dog containment solution that is currently available on Amazon at the price of less than $200. That said, the fence has a decent functionality. It allows setting a safe zone with the radius of up to 1600 ft., no wires required. The system is easy to assemble and install and fits all dogs with the body weight from 10 lbs. The strength of stimulation is adjustable, which makes it suitable for dogs with different level of sensitivity. When the pet comes close to the virtual border, the collar makes a beep. As soon as it crosses the border, it releases a moderate electric shock. The stimulation continues if the pooch is out of the safe zone. The strong points of this wireless dog fence are its portability and ease of use combined with an entry-level price.

Key features:

  • Rechargeable batteries in both transmitter and receiver.
  • The radius up to 1600 ft.
  • Gradual increasing of stimulation intensity, automatic and manual intensity control.
  • The receiver is 100% waterproof.
  • It is a one-dog system.
  • For all dog breeds starting from 10 lbs.

The Best Perimeter Dog Fence: PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

The Best Perimeter Dog Fenc
PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems
PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems
Fully Portable Wireless Dog Fence System with 4 Collars
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This dog containment system from PetSafe is incredibly easy to use, harmless, and relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t require burying any wire in the ground. All you need is just plug in the main transmitter unit and put a collar with a receiver on your pet. Mark the boundaries with special flags (included) and let the dog walk around. As soon as it comes close to the invisible dog fence, it is warned with a short beep. And if it tries to cross the boundaries, it gets an electric shock, which is too weak to cause any real harm, but strong enough to cause discomfort. The entire system is easy to set up and perfectly portable, so if your dog is already fence-trained, you can use it in trips.

Key features:

  • The wireless fence has five levels of correction and an adjustable range of action – from 45 to 90 feet.
  • The total coverage is ½ acres, which is pretty good for meeting the dog’s need in motion.
  • This dog containment system is intended for the pups from 8 lbs. and older than 6 months.
  • Up to 5 collars can be used simultaneously, which is great for the owners of several dogs.

The Best Hybrid Dog Fence: Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electric Dog Fence

Best Hybrid Dog Fence
Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electric Dog Fence
Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electric Dog Fence
Hybrid Dog Fencing System for Maximum Flexibility with 2 Rechargable Collars
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If you want to combine flexibility and effectiveness of a wired electric dog fence with the ease of use and convenience of a wireless dog fence, then this Dr.Tiger is worthy of a closer look. This is a hybrid dog containment system, which allows setting boundaries of any shape with the help of the buried wires. At the same time, it has a wireless transmitter and receiver like all wireless dog fences, which makes it possible to control the dog’s stimulation remotely. The package includes two collars with waterproof receivers; both of them feature rechargeable batteries. As for the transmitter, it is plugged in an outlet.

Key features:

  • The default coverage is 1/3 acre, but you can expand it up to 5 acres.
  • Two rainproof and waterproof collars included.
  • Five correction levels allow subtle regulating of shock stimulation, depending on the dog’s temper and sensitivity.
  • It is intended for the pups from 10 lbs.
  • Built-in visual and audible indicators of the buried wires breaking.

Who Should Buy a Wireless Dog Fence

Who needs a dog fenceBasically, every owner of an outdoor pooch is recommended to use an invisible dog fence. Even well-trained and really clever canines tend to escape from the yard from time to time. The same is about farm dogs. No matter what breed your pups are, but if they walk outdoors without a leash, you do need a dog containment system for the sake of your dog’s safety and your own peace of mind.

There are different types of dog fences, but their principle of action is similar. You preset invisible boundaries (for convenience they are usually marked with special flags). Then you put on your dog a smart collar with a receiver. As soon as the pet approaches the boundary, it gets a warning signal in the form of beeping or vibration. If the curious pooch doesn’t stop here, it gets an electric shock that doesn’t cause any real harm, but makes it feel discomfort. After some period of training, dogs learn to stay inside the boundaries of wireless dog fences without any effort from the owners’ part.

Important Features to Consider

To choose the best wireless dog fence or a wired electric dog fence one needs to consider numerous characteristics. Thus, the invisible dog fence must be easy and convenient to use and it must have the adequate signal strength. Let’s review other core invisible fences features that are mandatory for consideration.

  1. The fence type. Basically, there are just two types – wired and wireless dog fences, and both of them have their strong and weak points. Typically, wired systems have a wider coverage and let configure the boundaries according to your individual needs. In other words, you can create a safe zone of any size and shape, as its borders are determined by the buried wires. A wireless fence, in turn, is easier to use as it requires no wires burying, but you can’t configure its shape, and its coverage is limited.
  2. The strength of stimulation and the possibility of correction. If you are not sure of what intensity of shock stimulation is adequate for your pup, buy a wireless fence with several correction levels. Most manufacturers offer four or five levels. Begin with the weakest level to be sure you don’t cause harm to your pet.
  3. The coverage. Here we mean the effective range of the invisible dog fence. Do you want your pooch to walk just within a small yard, or do you provide it a full freedom in the territory of several acres? Typically, wireless dog fences are good for smaller lawns, while wired systems have almost unlimited coverage. Keep in mind, however, that the borders of a wireless fence are somewhat blurred, especially if there are obstacles in the fenced territory. If the safe zone is strictly limited, you’ll need to regulate the system carefully.
  4. An opportunity to connect multiple collars. This is important for the owners of several pups. Many systems allow connecting more than one collar to the same transmitter, but the extra collars need to be bought separately.
  5. The size and the body weight of your canine. Usually, the manufacturers specify the recommended neck size and body weight of the dog. Mind that if your pooch is of a smaller breed, a collar with a receiver can turn out too heavy for it.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric (wireless, containment) fence?
No matter how this or that containment system is called, essentially, it performs one key task – it prevents a canine from an unsanctioned leaving of the safe zone preset by its owner. The system includes a transmitter block (for wireless options) or wires buried in the ground (for wired options) and a receiver attached to a collar. When the escaper tries to cross the border, it gets an electric shock, which is unpleasant but not painful.
Do invisible pet fences suit any dogs?
Electronic containment systems are highly efficient. And still, there are cases when even the best wireless dog fence is useless. For example, specialists do not recommend using it in the following cases: • Your pup is younger than 6 months. Chances are it just won’t understand what is going on. Shock-training of small puppies is forbidden. • The dog is not trained at all. Before using a fence make sure that your canine knows basic commands and that you can control its behavior. • The dog is too aggressive. If you know that your pooch can escape and bite somebody, don’t rely on a fence alone. Use a chain for the sake of security.
Can the electric shock seriously hurt a pet?
The shock is usually not dangerous for dogs’ health and life and even not too painful. And still, it’s important to use the right voltage level.
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