Best Organic Dog Food of 2019

The Best Organic Dog Food of 2019: Choose the Right Nutrition for Your Pet

Dogs are very clever, but, unfortunately, they can’t speak. They can’t tell us about their true needs, preferences, and sensations. We can only guess whether the food that we give to our pups is good enough for them. What we can do is to choose the healthiest dog food made of high-quality, 100% natural ingredients that have a proved positive effect on canines’ physical condition.

Nowadays, multiple brands offer organic dog food that is believed to be the best choice for dogs’ health. But are all of these brands equally great? Of course, no, as the term “organic” is not equaled to “useful.” It just means that all the ingredients of the product are natural and made/grown in environmentally friendly conditions. But not all sorts of meat, even if is 100% organic, are useful for dogs. The same is about plant food. That is why it’s so important to find the best organic dog food that is perfect for your pooch. We’ve analyzed and compared dozens of healthy dog food brands in order to find out, which of them are worthy of trying. Here is our award-winning dog food brands list. Meet the winners!

The Best Overall: Organix Adult Dry Dog Food

Best Overall
Organix Adult Dry Dog Food
Organix Adult Dry Dog Food
National Organic Program Certified All Natural Dry Dog Food
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Organix all natural dog food has become our top pick for several reasons. It is made in the US, which is important, as organic dog food usually has a shorter shelf life, and when it is imported from the overseas countries, there is always a risk of spoilage. This is a fully organic product with real meat as a number one ingredient. Other ingredients are peas, organic vegetables, natural fiber, and essential micronutrients. The food does not contain any cereals, wheat protein, soy, corn products, or artificial supplements and taste modifiers. According to real customers’ reviews, dogs love the taste of Organix products, look happy and healthy when fed with grain free dry dog food of this brand. The food has a positive effect on their fur and skin condition.

Key features:

  • The product is certified in the USA by the National Organic Program.
  • Real meat of high quality is the core ingredient.
  • Free of all types of synthetic components, modifiers, preservation agents, soy, grain, gluten.
  • Contains natural vegetables and peas as a source of vegetable proteins and fiber.
  • The ratio of crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber is 26%, 13.5%, and 5% respectively.

The Runner-Up: Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Runner Up
Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food
Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food
Organic Dry Dog Food Produced of US Farms Grown Natural Products
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Merrick is another award-winning manufacturer that ranks second in our list of top dog food brands. Its premium dog food is made of high-quality meat (up to 9 different flavors are available). Besides meat, the product contains natural vegetables grown by American farmers in environmentally friendly regions. Lab tests prove the complete absence of chemicals and artificial supplements in its composition. As for supplements, Merrick dry food contains essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. Currently, it has 4.2 stars on Amazon with over 2000 customer reviews and is marketed as Amazon’s choice. According to numerous reports, the food is enthusiastically met by most canines and doesn’t cause allergic reactions even in sensitive pets.

Key features:

  • Boneless meat (chicken, lamb, beef, duck, rabbit, turkey, or venison) is the number one ingredient.
  • Doesn’t contain any cereals, wheat protein, corn, soy, etc.
  • An improved formula enriched with Omega-3 and -6.
  • Contains natural sources of fiber, vitamins and plant protein in the form of fresh vegetables and berries grown on the US farms.
  • The share of crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber is 38%, 17%, and 3.5% respectively.

The Best Budget Choice: Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

Best Budget Choice
Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food
Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food
Budget Friendly Gluten-Free Organic Dry Dog Food
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Taste of the Wild is one of the Amazon’s current best-sellers in the category. It’s affordable (especially if bought in large packages) and still very good in terms of its composition dry canine food. Taste of the Wild is a family-run enterprise that makes pet food of the best components produced in America in eco-friendly conditions. The number one ingredient of this healthy dog food is always genuine meat – buffalo, lamb, venison, and beef. Other healthy components include eggs, vegetables, plant and fish oils, berries, essential micronutrients, and vitamins. No synthetic supplements and taste boosters are used. The product is traditionally included in top 10 dog foods by different reviewers, and we rank it as the best value solution.

Key features:

  • The core ingredient is real high-quality meat. Several sorts of meat are used.
  • A gluten-free formula; only safe plant proteins are used. No soy, corn, and wheat.
  • Natural berries have a prominent anti-oxidant effect.
  • Contains organic lactobacillus and essential fatty acids. Has a positive effect on skin and coat.
  • An optimal protein/fat/fiber formula: 32%/18%/4% respectively.
  • For various dog breeds.

The Best Organic Dry Dog Food: Wellness Core® Natural Grain Free

Best Organic Dry Dog Food
Wellness Core Dry Dog Food
Wellness Core Dry Dog Food
High-Quality Grain-Free Dry Dog Food That Actually Tastes Like Meat
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Wellness Core relates to the premium segment, so it is not cheap. However, many pup owners admit that it is worthy of its money, and some of them rank it as the best natural dog food ever. The distinctive feature of the product is an increased content of natural proteins – real organic meat of the highest quality, which is the healthiest dog food. It goes without saying that no soy, corn, cereals and other cheap protein substitutes are used. Moreover, the manufacturer also doesn’t use any by-products and low-quality animal products, such as bones, skin, etc. Instead, they add genuine organic vegetables, oils, and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals that are essential for canines’ sound health.

Key features:

  • Up to 80% of meat ingredients; deboned real organic meat is used as a core component.
  • The product is made in the US from locally produced animal and plant components of top quality.
  • No chemicals artificial modifiers and preservation agents are used. The food has a natural odor and a taste of genuine meat. Dogs love it.
  • A perfectly balanced formula: up to 36%, 18%, and 5% of crude proteins, crude fats, and crude fiber respectively.

The Best Organic Wet Dog Food: Newman’s Own Grain-Free for Dogs

Best Organic Wet Dog Food
Newman's Own Wet Dog Food
Newman's Own Grain-Free for Dogs
All Natural Wet Dogs Food Enriched with Vitamins
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The Newman’s Own is a brand known for its high-quality organic drinks and food product for humans. But it produces meals for animals too. Truly saying, it is not 100% organic, though it is all-natural. However, being a 95% organic product, Newman’s Own wet food for dogs consists predominantly of real meat. The manufacturer doesn’t use by-products, soy, or other cheaper meat substitutes. It meets the basic needs of all healthy canines, but be careful if your pup is old, weak, or has digestive issues, as the food is rather high-calorie – the share of crude fats is 4.5%. That said, it is great for strong healthy pets. The product is made in the USA from domestically produced components.

Key features:

  • Fully natural dog food made of meat, meat products, and meat broth of high quality.
  • No cheaper meat substitutes, corn, soy, gluten
  • An enriched formula – essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients added.
  • For healthy adult pups of all breeds and sizes.
  • The ratio of core components: moisture – 78%, crude protein – up to 12%, crude fat – up to 4.5%, crude fiber – approximately 1%.

Who Should Buy Organic Dog Food?

Organic Dry Dog FoodOur pups can’t choose food for themselves – they have to eat what we give them. But if they could, be sure they would never pick out products made of soy, corn, and ground poultry bones. After all, they are flesh-eaters, and the only right choice of a healthy pooch is natural raw meat. However, in the modern conditions, few dog-owners can feed their pets with raw meat. Firstly, it is quite expensive. Secondly, the quality of store-bought meat is questionable. Secondly, the shelf life of raw meat is minimal, and buying it every day is somewhat tiresome.

The healthiest alternative to meat is the best organic dog food without any supplements. Basically, organic meals can be given to all pups of all breeds, ages, and sizes. However, keep in mind that not all the natural dog food brands produce premium-quality food. The word “organic” itself doesn’t make the product healthy. It just means that it is made of the components, produced or grown in natural environmentally friendly conditions. But corn and wheat can also be organic, while they are not the best choice for canines’ nutrition.

Important Features to Consider

What a Dog Should Not EatIf you want to buy truly healthy dog food, you need to consider multiple characteristics and be rather cautious in order not to be confused with unclear and blurred descriptions. In particular, give a due attention to the following aspects.

  1. The main and minor components of the product. Read the list of ingredients carefully – they are always listed highest to lowest. The share of real meat must be the largest. Beware that it must be meat (beef, lamb, chicken, etc.), but not “meat products” or by-products.
  2. Grain & gluten content. Typically, the healthiest dog food brands offer grain-free and gluten-free products. Vegetable proteins can come from green peas and some other vegetables. However, some manufacturers market their goods as gluten-free, omitting the fact of some grain components presence. Such products can be dangerous for pups that are allergic to grain.
  3. Natural or organic. Many people mix these two terms. But in fact, they are not synonyms. Some brands of dog food offer natural, but not organic products. Natural food is the food that doesn’t contain synthetic or chemical ingredients, only natural ones. But these natural ingredients can be produced with the use of chemicals. For example, vegetables can be processed by pesticides, and cows can be fed by synthetically modified food. Organic food, in turn, is produced from 100% natural non-processed synthetically components. Search for top 10 dog foods rankings to find 100% organic options.
  4. Unknown components. Read the list of ingredients once again. Do you understand all the words, or are there any unknown terms? If you are not sure what this or that term means, google for it. You’ll spend some time on it, but at least, you’ll be sure that your pup won’t eat something unwanted or harmful.
  5. Price. Choosing the best dog food brand, you’ll come across entry-level and premium products. Of course, your primary goal is to find the best price/quality ratio, so comparing several brands is a good idea. Not always price is determined by the quality. Some really great products are medium-priced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better – raw meat or ready-made canine food?
It’s a well-known fact that historically, raw meat has been the only food of modern canines’ ancestors. It is logical to assume that it is the best type of diet for dogs. However, one needs to keep in mind that dogs’ ancestors used to eat live prey; they chose quarry on themselves. Today, dogs don’t have such an opportunity. All we can offer is store-bought meat, the quality and shelf life of which is often questionable. Moreover, the risk of infecting through animals’ meat is very high. Meanwhile, high-quality ready-made food contains up to 80% of meat, essential vitamins and natural supplements. That said, it is absolutely safe and perfectly balanced. That is why vets recommend it as healthy dog food.
Why buy grain-free food?
You’ve probably noticed that all top-10 dog foods are grain-free. In fact, dogs can digest some grains – corn, wheat, cereals – but this is definitely not the best type of nutrition for them. Though it is not dangerous (if the dog is not allergic, of course), it is useless. Grain-based proteins are cheaper substitutes for meat proteins, but they are not identical in terms of their nutritional value.
What does ready-made food for dogs consist of?
It depends on the brand. Commonly, the best ready-made dry products contain real dehydrated meat, peas, vegetables, fish and vegetable oils, animal fats, vitamins, and minerals. Some manufacturers enrich their foods with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids as well.
  1. We have four dogs and, naturally, are not able to buy something super pricey. Still, we want a good product for our pets. Rachael Ray is a real solution for us: it is both healthy and affordable.

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