The Best Organic Cat Food

Top Organic Cat Food Brands

Numerous favorite cat food brands turn out to be full of artificial flavors and additives. They reduce the taste as well as health benefits for a pet. Multiple companies decided to develop all natural cat food packed with nutritious components, micronutrients, etc. Adequately selected organic cat food vastly improves the general wellbeing of your animal.

Choosing the best natural cat food brand is not an easy task. Most featured manufacturers use high-quality raw ingredients and technology. We account for differences in price, popularity, wholesomeness, and reviews. We selected many standouts worth spending money on.



TOP CHOICE: Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food

Top Choice
Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food
Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food
High-Quality Cat Food Rich in Fibers and Micronutrients
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This brand immediately acquired a significant portion of the market. Its best organic cat food contains roasted venison and smoked salmon. The menu provides high-quality muscle tissue building material. Additional micronutrients and minerals come with fibrous veggies/fruits. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, Taste of the Wild offers a rich ration option for your pets.

The price is roughly $2.5 per pound. It is one of the best grain free cat food brands available in the market. Outstanding quality control, as well as impressive attention to formula calculation, allowed this manufacturer to create a product exceptionally praised by consumers. The vast majority of buyers consider this particular product their first choice when it comes to cat food brands.

The cheapest yet greatest (qualities and their sum thought-out), this particular company earned the respectful top position in our ranking. Don’t think that you are buying inferior food. Reviewed by professional veterinarians, thousands of clients, and industry specialists, this product always showers in kind words.

Why Is It Good? Nicely balanced nutrients, organic ingredients, no artificial additives. Also, its great taste makes this dry food an excellent choice for any pet owner. Low prices coupled with high praises also elevate this product above jealous competitors.


  • A combination of Venison/Smoked Salmon flavors;
  • Contains fiber and valuable micronutrients;
  • Great for skin/fur condition and general wellbeing.



Runner-Up: Blue Buffalo Cat Weight Control 100-Percent Chicken Formula

Runner Up
Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food
Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food
US Produced All Organic Dry Cat Food
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Produced in the USA, this all natural cat food comes at a hefty price: $207 per 11lb pack. The most expensive member of our featured dry cat food brands offers a well-balanced meal for a cat. Aimed at people with neutered animals, Blue Buffalo mixes organic meats and plants. Each serving contains just enough calories to keep your pet healthy and energetic. Fewer calories mean cats don’t get fat.

After a complex quality control process, Blue Buffalo weight control food features top quality. Great taste is also a facet. The manufacturer takes its pride in using ingredients delivered by local farmers. All meats and veggies are grown and harvested in the USA. It is an essential factor for some especially patriotic consumers desiring to support their national economy and domestic producers.

The trademark is notorious for its persistent excellence. Multiple flavors, exclusive formulas, nourishing portions, and even visual graphic design of bags warrant your close attention. BB produces their weight control solution under veterinarian supervision.

Why So Expensive? Blue Buffalo seems overpriced, yet it contains only high-quality foods produced within the United States. Only trusted suppliers are chosen to deliver components to the production sites of Blue Wilderness.


  • Ingredients come from domestic suppliers;
  • Good quality control;
  • Simple, healthy meals for your cat.



Best Budget Pick: Organix Grain Free Organic Dry Cat Food

Best Budget Choice
Organix Dry Cat Food
Organix Dry Cat Food
Grain-Free High-Protein Affordable Cat Food from USA
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Marketing-heavy brands value words over actual quality. Most can back up their bragging by making fine products. There are companies like Organix that do not rely on fancy adds. This natural cat food has all needed facets to keep your animal healthy and energized. Prices do not hit your wallet too hard.

The price is close to $15 per pound. It may seem high, but most top products have a 30-50% higher price tag. Most provide from little to no gains compared to this one. Organix holds enough carbs without adding corn syrup, soy or wheat. Instead, the producer combines all-organic peas, potatoes, lentils. The lack of artificial flavors is also a huge plus.

Organix is a company focused on using local suppliers. You buy directly from American farmers. When such a rich variety of upsides costs $40 per pack, we call it a fair deal.

Should You Buy It? Taste of the Wild looks like a cheaper option. However, you should buy this holistic cat food if you desire to support the national economy without harm to your wallet. Fair pricing, well-balanced nutrition, and only American veggies/meat.


  • Made without corn, soy or wheat;
  • Cooked in the United States;
  • 34% protein (from chicken).


Best Organic Dry Cat Food Brands: By Nature Cat Food Potato & Chicken Flavor

Best Organic Dry Cat Food
By Nature Dry Cat Food
By Nature Dry Cat Food
Zero-Grains Healthy Dry Cat Food for Dieting
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There were rumors about the halt of the By Nature cat food brand. Rumors turned out false. An exclusive formula designed to feed cats with gentle digestion contains dietary fibers. Carbs come from premium potatoes, chicken protein, and vitamins. The producer avoids using grains/soy in its foods.

State-of-the-art tech employed during the manufacturing brings stellar results. The final product is a mix of nutrients with potent healing properties. The series also has wet foods, but the flagman is this pelleted Potato/Chicken food. It is excellent for both active and in-house cats. This all-natural ration contains less than 495 calories per serving (one cup).

Limited dieting provides many benefits. It allows pet owners to control the diets of their four-legged furry friends better. Allergic reactions or indigestion do not happen due to an expertly designed formula. Sadly, the sales network is limited to a couple of retail outlets.

Is It Still Available? Most online retailers stopped selling products from By Nature. Land-based petshops/stores may have this product in stock. Search for active sellers in nearby if you want to buy a filling, healthy meal for your kitty!


  • Belongs to the best dry food cat brands;
  • Contains zero grains/soy;
  • Provides valuable proteins/fatty acids.


Best Organic Wet Cat Food: Grand Super Premium 100 Percent Beef Meat

One of top grain free cat food brands, Grand Super Premium has all features inherent to top grade products. The healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, and proteins can be found only in organic meat. The company designed a

Best Organic Wet Cat Food
Grand Super Premium Wet Cat Food
Grand Super Premium Wet Cat Food
100% Fresh Beef Stew from Europe For Your Cat with Care
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to satisfy the hunger of your animal. It is a good cat food without added chemicals, sugars, trans fats, etc.

Only fresh ground raw meat is used to produce these meals. The producer uses thermal processing to avoid adding artificial preservatives. Manufacturers developed the formulation in collaboration with respected European veterinarians. Ingredients come from local European farmers. QC ensures the use of technological norms of the ISO 9001: 2009 standard during the manufacturing process.

Six cans each with 405 grams of rich, meaty stew cost about $40. One can is enough to feed your cat for a day. Smaller kitties may enjoy their 100% beef meals for two days. It depends on how much they usually eat. Aromatic, juicy meat pieces in a thick broth easily seduce felines.

Is It Worth the Price? Paying $17 per kilo is a great deal. In the end, it is holistic cat food. No wheat/corn/soy or fake additives mean clean natural nutrition! Your four-legged pal will like it.

Key Features:

  • Only 100% of fresh raw beef;
  • No grains or other allergens;
  • Created under control from vets;
  • Complies with strict European norms.

Honorable Mentions

We managed to check out several dozens of foods. Not all were honored to take place on our list. Some had to stay out despite being very good. Here are some good products amongst other dry cat food brands that we also liked:

  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural contains brown rice, artificially added vitamins, minerals, taurine. Produced without fake flavoring agents, preservatives, chemicals, etc. Several poultry types. Only 100% fresh poultry. It costs $13 per 14lb package.
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct. $35 per 12lb. It comes in a fancy bag. Pellets hold a metric ton of good stuff like calcium, fibers, and fats. A balanced meal for a low price improves the dietary variety of the pet’s daily ration.
  • Purina Beyond. A special Purina’s trademark under which it sells only all-organic cat food to more sophisticated buyers of the brand. Protein-rich granules hold energy extracted from white meat and eggs.

Choosing cat food products based on the recognition of the manufacturer never leads to right choices. Globally famous names like Purina or Nature’s Variety may sound and look awesome. However, they rarely bring more value to the table compared to less renowned and often cheaper options in the market.

Another essential aspect is production itself. Many people prefer buying from American or European only brands. Patriotism plays the most significant role. Sometimes, the natural desire to use top products. We tried to be as fair as possible in our ranking.

Who Should Buy Organic Cat Food

Kitty EatingOrganic cat food is not always the prestigious premium grade source of nutrition. Some label their regular foods as natural only to improve sales. Jumping on the bandwagon rarely seems like a bad idea. Gladly, some organic cat food contains 100% raw meats packed with proteins. As many vets point out, cats require mainly amino acids without carbs. Fiber and vitamins play a huge role. Meat usually supplies enough of them to sustain a healthy cat.

The best organic cat food is for pet owners who want to give their little pals as much care as possible. Feeding them with things they could have caught in the wilderness is the right way of prolonging their lives. Responsible people feeling the weight of duty to take care of adopted felines should think about getting the most exceptional grade nutrition. Cats love a good meal made of fresh meat.

Important Features to Consider

Cats do not metabolize taurine. It is the only artificial add-on that should be in the contents of any holistic cat food. Organic does not by its nature manifest the presence of all crucial components. Read labels and make sure that what you buy consists of:

  • 100% fresh crops and meats from trusted suppliers;
  • Fibers (found in veggies, lentils, rice);
  • Vitamins, minerals (taurine), and fatty acids.

Pay attention to sources of carbs. Corn/wheat even in the best organic cat food may act as allergens. They also bring from little to no actual value for felines. The same goes for artificial flavors/additives. Buy the good stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Organic Mean?
Sadly, nothing in many cases. As noted previously, the vast majority of products already use mostly good raw fish, poultry, and meat. Now, responsible businesses specifically explain why they have the word “organic” on their labels. Often, it means using naturally grown meat. Also, they rarely use common fillers such as corn fiber or wheat.
Is Organic Cat Food Better for My Cat?
The answer depends on many factors. Some animals need more vitamins/minerals due to leading mostly lazy in-house style of life. More popular foods with added taurine and calcium may be a better choice. Most cats will be better off eating the best natural cat food. Again, read contents and nutritional info. Then, decide whether you need to switch from regular store-bought foods to all-natural brands or TMs like Beyond.
Will My Cat Like Organic Food?
This answer also depends on the personality and preferences of your kitty. If an animal does not accept a specific brand of food, do not try to force it to finish it by not feeding it until “clean plate.” Remember that each animal has unique features and metabolism. Some four-legged friends may not appreciate your efforts concerning the inclusion of a healthier diet in their lives. Try different brands of food before finally selecting the best organic cat food.
Do I Need to Give More Food to My Cat?
Most featured products are complete and will fully satisfy the metabolic needs of your animal. Do not try to add/diversify their diet without consent from a vet. Just use a single source of nutrition.
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  2. Our whole family is trying to stick to a healthy food lifestyle. Naturally, we accustom our cat to similar food. Our pet likes Blue Buffalo Wilderness organic cat food a lot.

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